Clemcott, because quality is important.

Quality is the result of a good base product and a job well done.

With only two months to go until the end of the Clemcott season, the brand is still doing well on the European markets.

Clemcott is known for being a quality brand. Clemcott is a late ripening mandarin that is available on the market from January to April.

Clemcott is the only quality certified mandarin. This is endorsed by its Blacklabel, which appears on the secondary packaging.

In general, records show that practically all the mandarin and clementine varieties have been small this 2016-2017 season. However, the Clemcott campaign is still going strong, guaranteeing the Extra Category or the I Category in all its fruit. This means that the markets can continue to supply fruit that pleases consumers thanks to Clemcott.

Good farming practices such as the tree thinning or covering systems help to guarantee the optimum sizes and stop cross-pollination, respectively.

This season, the farming sector appears to be very happy with the results produced by Clemcott; this brand is consolidated in the market, through the selection and certification process it can guarantee stable and homogenous fruit.

Consumers are demanding increasingly higher standards in the food that they buy and consume, and the corresponding health and nutritional properties are extremely important. Clemcott guarantees that the fruit is harvested at the perfect time to be eaten. In this way the product appears on the market ready to be consumed when it is at its best.

This concept of quality is closely linked to the level that the consumers’ expectations are satisfied, this point is very important for the farmers and the marketers.

Clemcott is the quality certified late ripening mandarin and this is because good things come to those who wait.
Clemcott – quality mandarin

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