The last one to come, the first one in qualities

Discover what makes it unique

A delight for the senses

Clemcott is a delight for all our senses. Its flavor, intense colour and taste make it so appetizing. It tastes as good as it looks: delicious. Clemcott’s special highlight is its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.

The last will be first

Clemcott is the brand for the certified quality late tangerines. It is a perfect and uniform fruit. Clemcott is available for over four months, from January to April.

Certified Quality

Clemcott and its seal of quality, the Blacklabel, are synonymous with quality guarantee. Furthermore, Clemcott is guaranteed by the Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (The Protected Vegetable Varieties Club).


It is the easy peeler mandarin for all. There’s no excuse. Eating a Clemcott is so simple that you can do it anytime, anywhere.

mandarina tardía de calidad

An excellent late tangerine

Homogenous, with an intense color and perfect taste, Clemcott is the unique certified and guaranteed quality mandarin. It is managed by the Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (The Protected Vegetable Varieties Club) and certified by means of inspections carried out in the orchards and the warehouses.

When preserving and perpetuating the quality of Clemcott, all professionals of the citrus sector are essential: from the Club, ensuring good practices of all the agents involved in the production process of Clemcott; to the farmer, the auditors, the marketer and the purchasing managers.

Recognise Clemcott’s quality

The Blacklabel, visible on all secondary packaging, identifies Clemcott, its quality guaranty and its legal origin. Look for the Blacklabel and guarantee your purchase.

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