Five Ways to Eat the Five Pieces of Fruits and Vegetables a Day

Recently we talked about the “5 al día” (5 a day) association. A non-profit association whose aim is to encourage the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. 5 fruits a day is the minimum daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables recommended by the scientific and medical community in a healthy diet. How to meet this quota?

Here we show you five ways to eat the five pieces of fruits a day recommended without much effort. Do not miss it!

Include fruit in your breakfast. For example, you can take a smoothie made of fruits of the forest. They are rich in antioxidants, so they stimulate the immune system.

Make fruit and vegetable snacks. To reach the five servings per day of these foods, we can make a dip with sticks of celery, apple, carrot or others, we can also make fruit chips like apple or banana, which are another way to include more fruits and vegetables to the diet.

Include fruit and vegetables in your food. One of the easiest ways to eat fruit and vegetables is through salads. Use different types of lettuce, cut an apple, some melon, cucumber, quality mandarin, or strawberries…

Between hours. Many times we forget to eat fruit between hours because we do not have it at hand. Make the habit of putting a piece of fruit in the bag a routine. Quality apples, bananas or tangerines are fruits that you can easily eat anywhere.

Have a piece of fruit for a snack. For a snack full of flavour and colour, we can opt for a strawberry smoothie or an apple and kiwi smoothie.

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