Is Fruitveganism Healthy?

Have you ever heard of fruitveganism? It is a new vegan phenomenon that has become an increasingly issue. Fruitveganism consists of eating only fruits, raw vegetables, seeds and nuts. Fruitvegan diets, also called frugivore diets, are increasingly gaining more and more adepts, who are convinced that it is a lifestyle that allows them to live in connection with nature and also live longer. Among its followers, it is said that Steve Jobs himself practiced this diet for a while and that it served as fuel for his creativity. However, many nutritionists have warned of the dangers that carrying out this type of diet may have.

According to Michael Arnstein, one of the most mediated fruitvegans, fruitveganims “has countless benefits, both for the frugivore and for the world in which we live.” However, nutritionists highlight the essential nutrient deficiencies that can cause this type of diet. “Our body needs more than forty nutrients every day to regulate all metabolism and fruits and vegetables alone do not provide enough of them,” explains Dr. María Jesús Hernández.

You can find the experience of a journalist who decided to try eating only 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Her conclusions are amazing! Do not miss it! (in Spanish)

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