Clemcott is the result of Team Work

Clemcott is all thanks to the expertise of farmers, marketers and our belief in guaranteeing quality on the market.


Clemcott was born thanks to the efforts of farmers from the Spanish citrus orchards, in order to offer the best late tangerine on the market, ensuring premium quality.

Supported by MARKETERS

Clemcott is guaranty of quality and origin. Such a fruit can only be in the hands of experts and other actors pursuing the highest quality in fresh produce. Clemcott can be requested from your usual distributor, easily ensuring the supply. Authorized marketers have signed a sublicense agreement for use and exploitation of the brand with the Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas (The Protected Vegetable Varieties Club).


Only the experts and most demanding palates know how to appreciate an excellent, quality product. Working responsibly means purchasing the best produce on the market and making it available to the end consumer.