Quality tangerine Cocktail

Today at Clemcott we suggest this recipe of tangerine cocktail with champagne. ¡A delicious recipe with quality tangerie! This cocktail has been inspired by the classic custard cocktail typically prepared with orange juice.

This cocktail is perfect to serve as an aperitif or to accompany a brunch or a festive lunch. It is also a fairly simple recipe. The only laborious part of this cocktail is to extract the tangerine juice.

It is traditionally served in a flute cup and is considered by Americans as the star cocktail for weekend breakfasts.


·      3 cups of tangerine (cold) juice – about 20 tangerines.·      1 bottle of cold champagne (or cava).·      Grand Marnier or orange liqueur.


·       Fill each glass halfway with tangerine juice.·       Add a splash of orange liqueur or Grand Marnier.·       Fill the glass with the champagne.·       Serve immediately.

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